KPU – Kettle Camp Studios

In the first week of school last fall, John St. Pierre approached Sophie Krueger about joining him on a project. He wanted to create an original series entirely produced by Loyola students. At the beginning, all John and Sophie knew was that the show would revolve around college freshmen and be shot in the style of a mockumentary. A cast and writing team were put together, and Katie Buglewicz volunteered to run the camera. Grace Koch, Kieran McCabe, Mary Hearns, James DeMenna, and Alex Burosh were going to play 5 freshmen at fictional Kickapoo University in Chicago. The team released their first episode to the world four months later on February 8th. Since then, the KPU family has increased in size to 17 members, including microphone operators and marketing managers. The show has been a major success on YouTube, with over 1,000 views on each episode, and things are only looking better. Early in the second semester, KPU’s leadership started Kettle Camp Studios, a registered student organization and official home for the original series. With committed fans, lovable characters, and a great sense of humor, KPU is certainly something special for the Loyola community. John, Sophie, Grace, and Michelle Castro join Madeline Field to look behind the scenes of KPU.



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